Analysis Services Terms and Concepts for the DBA

This presentation was written originally delivered to PASS MN on May 20, 2014.


Despite some overlapping concepts, the worlds of the Relational engine and Analysis Services really are quite different. With more and more organizations realizing the power of Analytics, there is a good chance a BI initiative will come your way at some point.

This session is intended for the DBA that wants/needs to learn more about SQL Server Analysis Services. The goal is to provide a meaningful base of knowledge that will allow you to effectively participate in discussions of Analysis Services in your organization.

Through both slides and demos, you will learn:
— The differences between SSAS Multidimensional and SSAS Tabular
— Key terms like Measures, Dimensions, Hierarchies
— Storage options such as MOLAP, HOLAP, ROLAP, and Direct Query
— Monitoring with Extended Events
— Overviews of MDX, DAX, and XMLA
— and more

Come take a few steps into the exciting world of Business Intelligence with SQL Server Analysis Services.

Click on the following link to download the slide deck PDF:

Analysis Services Terms and Concepts for the DBA



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