DANGER: The Art and Science of Presenting

This presentation was written originally for PASS Summit 2013 in Charlotte, NC.


Is there a significant difference in the brain chemistry of someone fleeing a hungry mountain lion and someone presenting to colleagues in a corporate board room? The answer is: No.

The past decade, we’ve learned a lot about the chemistry of the brain and why humans react the way we do to events in our environment. The idea of Emotional Intelligence – EQ – is a compelling concept that applies this knowledge in a set of learnable, improvable skills for leading others. Although EQ is often applied to corporate leadership, this session will explain the basics of EQ and demonstrate how you can use it to make your presentations better in the following areas:
• Crafting better slide decks
• Preparing yourself for presenting
• Delivering your content
• Dealing with the unexpected

Understanding and practicing the concepts of EQ can make your presentations a better experience for everyone in the room – including you.

Click on the following link to download the slide deck PDF:

DANGER: The Art and Science of Presenting




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Time January 9, 2015 at 12:09 am

[…] finally got to see Mark Vaillancourt’s (t|b) presentation DANGER: The Art and Science of Presenting. It was funny and illuminating and immediately applicable. I went home and updated my PASS Summit […]

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