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Intro To MDX Decathlon–PARALLELPERIOD() Function (9/10)

24 September, 2012 (13:00) | Decathlon, MDX | By: Mark V

Like the LEAD() and LAG() functions we looked at in the previous post, the PARALLELPERIOD() function is also useful for travelling through ordered hierarchies. However, there is one really important difference. While LEAD() and LAG() use the hierarchy level of the member passed to the function to determine the hierarchy level to be traversed, the […]

Intro To MDX Decathlon–LEAD() and LAG() Functions (8/10)

17 September, 2012 (13:00) | Decathlon, MDX | By: Mark V

One of the many strengths of MDX is that there are many different functions you can use for travelling through time. And as a plus, none of them require you to sling-shot around the Sun at maximum Warp speed. In this post, we will introduce the simplest of these functions: LEAD() and LAG(). Although I […]

Intro To MDX Decathlon–NON EMPTY and CROSSJOIN (7/10)

10 September, 2012 (14:00) | Decathlon, MDX | By: Mark V

Since you have been following this series with the utmost, life-changing, interest, then you have most certainly read the previous post, Intro To MDX Decathlon – Hierarchy Navigation Basics (6/10). In that post, I used the NON EMPTY keyword and mentioned I would cover it in the next post. Tada! The next post is right […]

Intro To MDX Decathlon–Hierarchy Navigation Basics (6/10)

4 September, 2012 (13:00) | Decathlon, MDX | By: Mark V

Hierarchies are a great asset to cube users. They allow them to drill down into increasing levels of detail with a click. Since hierarchies are so pervasive in cubes, it is pretty much guaranteed that folks who write MDX against cubes will need to perform hierarchy navigation at some point. There are many MDX functions […]