Month: January 2013

Who’s Got Two Thumbs And Is Speaking at the PASS Business Analytics Conference?

PASS_BAC_Logo_JPEGThat would be my friend, Doug Lane (b|t). Oh, and me, too. We are actually co-presenting a Star Trek themed session: Hailing Frequencies: Analysis Services Terms and Concepts.


In this Star Trek-themed presentation aimed at non-technical folks, we will explain the terms and concepts important to understand when participating in projects involving SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS). You’ll learn the key differences between the SSAS Multidimensional Model (Cubes) and the SSAS Tabular Model. You’ll also learn the definitions and examples of key terms for each model, including but not limited to: measure groups, measures, dimensions, attributes, and hierarchies in the SSAS Multidimensional Model and tables, columns, and calculated measures in the SSAS Tabular Model. We will also demonstrate the basics of browsing of both Multidimensional and Tabular models using Excel 2013.

This conference has an amazing list of speakers.


The fact (no pun intended) that my name is among this group of fantastic presenters from Microsoft and the SQL Community is pretty overwhelming. And the fact that I get to share this opportunity with a friend I met at a SQL Saturday is just that much better.