Month: March 2013

My Interview For Louis Davidson’s “Why We Write” Series

SQL Server MVP and author Louis Davidson (b|t) recently started a blog series called, “Why We Write.” His plan is to survey fellow writers/bloggers who make their living doing something other than writing to see why they spend their free time writing. For his first interviewee, Louis chose SQL Server MVP, author, and PASS Executive Committee member Thomas LaRock (b|t). You can read that interview HERE.

I was honored, and a bit flabbergasted, when Louis asked me to go second. You can find that interview HERE. Thanks very much, Louis.

Upcoming Presentations–April 2013

I have the great joy of presenting at a handful of events in April. I absolution love presenting, so having 3 opportunities to present within the same month is pretty great.

PASS Business Analytics Conference – April 10-12, Chicago IL

Hailing Frequencies: Analysis Services Terms and Concepts

SQL Saturday #211 Chicago – April 13, Chicago IL

Hailing Frequencies: Analysis Services Terms and Concepts

SQL Saturday #175 Fargo – April 27, Fargo ND

MDX Trek: First Contact

If you happen to be attending any of these events, please stop by.

Discount Code for $200 Off PASS Business Analytics Conference

Since you follow my blog with rapt joy, you have no doubt noticed that my last two posts are related to the PASS Business Analytics Conference coming up April 10-13 in Chicago. PASS gave me a discount code that allows those who use it to save $200 on their registration for the Conference.

The code is: BAC689BL

Using this code by March 15th will allow you to register for $1395, instead of the current full price of $1595.

As of March 16th, the full price goes to $1795. At that point, using the code above will allow you to register for… wait for it….$1595. Ahhhhh…. Predictive analytics….

Please note that this code is for new registrations only; it cannot be applied retroactively to existing registrations.

PASS also informed me that I will receive $50 for each person that registers for the conference using this code, up to a maximum of $500. Well, that’s really cool.

But here’s the thing. I don’t support PASS for monetary gain. I don’t volunteer as a PASS Regional Mentor for truckloads of cash. And I am not helping to promote the PASS BA Conference because I am speaking. I really believe in the value of this event.

So, any funds that come to me through the use of the discount code above will be donated to The Manya Memorial Fund.

If you or anyone you know is interested in attending this fantastic event, please feel free to use the BAC689BL discount code or share it with others. Thanks much.