Month: March 2014

New Role: Business Intelligence Enterprise Consultant

I am delighted to announce that I have taken on a new role at Digineer, the consulting firm I work for and adore.

As the Business Intelligence Enterprise Consultant, I take on responsibilities that align well with my strengths and overall desires. At a high level, my duties are laid out below:

1. I still get to do work for clients, which I really enjoy.

2. I am responsible for helping to drive the overall development of the members of the Information Management (SQL Server) Team. This means that I get to help my teammates continue to grow their skills/careers as it relates to SQL Server and related tools. This is something I LOVE doing anyway, so it fits really well.

3. I am to help Digineer with service offerings and intellectual property related to BI and SQL Server tools in general. This also includes helping to establish best practices and methodologies for use on client projects.

4. I am to help serve as a respected expert/leader in the company as well as the community at large when it comes to BI and SQL Server and related technologies. This is a goal I have long held and continue to strive for. I have to say that, over the past few years, I have made great strides in this area. This also includes volunteering in the community as a speaker, blogger, etc.

I am really excited about this new role. I have been doing many of these things of my own accord for a few years. It is very gratifying to now have them be part of my job description. You hear people talk about organizations growing their own experts instead of hiring out all the time. I am an example of that practice. I started at Digineer 7 years having never used SQL Server before. Digineer enabled me, set me up for success, and got the heck out of the way to let me do it. I count myself very fortunate to work for a company that gets that.

There are so many people in the SQL Community who have served as examples for me over the years. Some of them don’t even know they have inspired me. I do need to list a few people in the SQL Community who have played a huge role in helping me get where I am today.

Lara Rubbelke (Blog|Twitter): Lara was the person who originally hired me at Digineer. She was the Enterprise Consultant at that time while also serving as the overall manager for the Information Management Team. It was Lara that first encouraged me to start Blogging and also got me involved with PASS (Professional Association for SQL Server).

Jason Strate (Blog|Twitter): Jason served as a mentor for me from the moment I started at Digineer. On my first project ever with SQL Server, Jason was my Top-Cover (overall advisor and teacher). Jason eventually became the Enterprise Consultant as well. It was Jason that really pushed me toward presenting and and helped a lot on the blogging front as well.

I wish to say a hearty Thanks to Lara, Jason, Digineer, and to all the members of the #SQLFamily to have helped me in one way or another.

Upcoming Presentations Spring 2014

It has been a while since I posted a list of upcoming presentations. In fact, some have come and gone without a blog post.

Recent Past:

SQL Saturday #241 Cleveland, OH – February 8, 2014

MDX Trek: First Contact

DANGER: The Art and Science of Presenting

West Michigan SQL Server User Group – February 27, 2014

MDX Trek: First Contact

* I ended up having to cancel this one at the last minute. I am really bummed about that and will discuss lessons learned in a separate post. 😦

Pragmatic Works Free Webinar Series – March 11, 2014

MDX Trek: First Contact

On the Horizon:


SQL Saturday #287 Madison, WI – March 29, 2014

DANGER: The Art and Science of Presenting

PASS BI/DW Virtual Chapter – April 2, 2014

MDX Trek: First Contact

Montreal BI User Group – April 16, 2014

MDX Trek: First Contact

SQL Saturday #291 Chicago, IL – April 26, 2014

MDX Trek: First Contact

DANGER: The Art and Science of Presenting

Minnesota SQL Server User Group (PASSMN) – May 20, 2014

Power Query: The Data Chemist’s Laboratory

This is what I have on my schedule so far. I have to say that I am really happy about how often I have been able to speak at events and user groups over the past few years. It is an important part of my career development and I just love doing it.

Updated MDX Trek: First Contact Downloads

Greetings. After delivering my MDX Trek: First Contact presentation as part of the Pragmatic Works Free Training series on 3/11, I got some great feedback from an attendee. He pointed out that my single zip file download on my home page for the presentation only contained the SQL Server 2008 R2 version and that I may want to include upgrade instructions for people that have SQL 2012. That was a great point. I have neglected to do much with that download, even after I started delivering this presentation in the SQL Server 2012 tools some time ago. While the MDX syntax is the same, the project would have to be upgraded to be opened in SQL Server Data Tools as the existing zip was in BI Studio. This would require some extra steps and create more work for the target audience (which includes people just getting started with SSAS).

So, to rectify this situation, the home page for my MDX Trek: First Contact presentation now has separate downloads for SQL 2008 R2 and SQL 2012. You can got there now by clicking on the image below. I should have done this a long time ago and apologize for being so late.