Month: July 2016

Connect Suggestion: SSAS Tabular Images In Azure VM Gallery

Greetings, noble readers.

Currently, when utilizing the SQL Server images in the VM Gallery in Azure, any installations of SQL Server Analysis Services default to Multidimensional. Thus, if you want SSAS Tabular, you have additional work to perform.

I was just chatting with a Senior Program Manager on the SQL Server Analysis Services product team. They currently don’t have anything in their plans for providing SQL Server Gallery Images with SSAS Tabular instead of Multidimensional. We agreed that it is a good idea for that to happen. We also agreed that a Connect suggestion would be a great way to gauge broader community support/appetite for providing Gallery images with Tabular installed.

<insert fanfare and trumpets and stuff>

Below is the link to the suggestion I made on If you agree that having SQL Server Images in the Azure VM Gallery with SSAS Tabular already installed would be a good thing, please vote up the suggestion as it will help the Product Team to justify the effort it would take to do so. If you don’t have strong feelings either way, please vote it up for those of us that do. Smile

Provide SQL Server Image in Azure VM Gallery With SSAS Tabular Installed

Your participation in this endeavor is much appreciated.

Thank you for your support.