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Using Medians For Quartiling When NTILE Is Too Arbitrary

26 March, 2009 (10:56) | T-SQL | By: Mark V

So, in a previous post on The Coolness of the T-SQL NTILE Function, I discuss that NTILE can perform quartiling (or any other –tiling not requiring a trip to Home Depot) for you. Very cool. However, there is something worth noting about this function that I discovered the hard way. I will continue with my […]

The Coolness of the T-SQL NTILE Function

17 February, 2009 (21:47) | T-SQL | By: Mark V

I had need of calculating metrics across an industry and then returning the quartile in which each company scored. So, i wrote up a function that took in the MinValue, MaxValue, and CompanyMetricValue as inputs and returned the quartile for the Company. Great. Then, when asking  someone else about this using this new function, the […]