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Processing Azure Analysis Services Using Azure Automation

19 November, 2017 (15:12) | Analysis Services, Automation, Azure, PowerShell, SSAS | By: Mark V

Recently, I was working with a customer who was deploying a Tabular model to Azure Analysis Services. They were wondering how they would automate the processing of that model. There are certainly a few ways to do that. You can do it with C# or JavaScript via Azure Functions, as is described in this post […]

Connect Suggestion: SSAS Tabular Images In Azure VM Gallery

7 July, 2016 (12:19) | Azure, Connect, SSAS, Tabular | By: Mark V

Greetings, noble readers. Currently, when utilizing the SQL Server images in the VM Gallery in Azure, any installations of SQL Server Analysis Services default to Multidimensional. Thus, if you want SSAS Tabular, you have additional work to perform. I was just chatting with a Senior Program Manager on the SQL Server Analysis Services product team. […]

Introduction To Analysis Services Extended Events

21 February, 2014 (12:00) | Extended Events, SSAS | By: Mark V

I started digging into using Extended Events to trace Analysis Services recently for a client. They wanted to do some tracing of their SSAS instances, and with the deprecation of SQL Profiler, Extended Events was the best long term solution. I have to admit, when I first started looking at this topic, I was overwhelmed. […]

Survey: Changing Model.bim Filename In SSAS Tabular Projects

22 January, 2014 (13:16) | SSAS, Survey, Tabular | By: Mark V

I am working for a client that has several Tabular models and are developing more. Even thought the process of developing Tabular models in SSDT could use some improvement, I am happy to see this exciting technology being adopted. I noticed that the models here are pretty much all called Model.bim in the project. I […]

PASS Summit Interview With Kamal Hathi

13 November, 2013 (10:00) | Azure, Interviews, PASS, SSAS | By: Mark V

For the third, and final, installment in my PASS Summit Interview series, I present my interview with Kamal Hathi, Director of Program Management for Business Intelligence Tools at Microsoft. Kamal is the one who is ultimately responsible for the direction of Microsoft BI. As with my other interviews, the byproducts of casual conversation have been […]

PASS Summit Interview With Kasper de Jonge

5 November, 2013 (10:00) | Interviews, PASS, SSAS | By: Mark V

I continue on with my Interview series with Analysis Services Program Manager Kasper de Jonge (Blog|Twitter). As before, some edits were made, with Kasper’s permission, to eliminate byproducts of casual conversation and make things flow better in writing. Transcript Mark V: How would you say my job as an SSAS developer would be different in […]

Technical Article: Report Model (SMDL) Alternatives in SQL Server 2012

28 August, 2013 (10:00) | Articles, Power Pivot, SSAS, SSRS, Tabular | By: Mark V

It is with tremendous joy that I announce the release of my very first Technical Article! Click the image below to get a copy of your very own. When I first started in the SQL Server business with Digineer about 6.5 years ago, one of my earliest projects was implementing a SQL Server 2005 Report […]

SSAS 2012 Tabular CONNECT Digest – VOTE PLEASE

4 June, 2013 (14:06) | Connect, SSAS, Tabular | By: Mark V

A while back, I had the opportunity to implement an SSAS 2012 Tabular Model for a client. While I am really excited about the technology itself, I did find some challenges with the development environment in SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT), the SQL 2012 successor to Business Intelligence Development Studio. This post is a quick […]

Who’s Got Two Thumbs And Is Speaking at the PASS Business Analytics Conference?

24 January, 2013 (11:00) | PASS, Presentations, Professional Development, SSAS | By: Mark V

That would be my friend, Doug Lane (b|t). Oh, and me, too. We are actually co-presenting a Star Trek themed session: Hailing Frequencies: Analysis Services Terms and Concepts. Abstract: In this Star Trek-themed presentation aimed at non-technical folks, we will explain the terms and concepts important to understand when participating in projects involving SQL Server […]