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SSRS Cascading Multi-Value Parameters

16 August, 2013 (11:00) | SSRS | By: Mark V

Not too long ago, there was a question posted to #ssrshelp on Twitter regarding having multi-value parameters in SSRS 2005 that ALSO cascade. While I don’t have access to a SQL 2005 instance anymore, I wanted to try it in 2012 since I had an idea how to accomplish it. My idea worked just fine […]

Using Bogus Measures in SSRS Parameter Available Values Lists

3 April, 2012 (10:00) | MDX, SSRS | By: Mark V

I am currently working on a project involving many reports against an Analysis Services 2008 R2 cube that we implemented for the client. The available values lists for the report parameters are largely just lists of members of various dimension attribute hierarchies from the cube. Since we are not going to actually use any measures […]

Jinkies! Passing MultiValue SSRS Parameters To Stored Procedures

5 January, 2010 (13:08) | SQL, SSRS, T-SQL, XML | By: Mark V

SQL Server Reporting Services provides a great way to allows report users to select more than one value from the available values list in parameters, creating a multivalue parameter. SSRS dynamically creates a comma separated list of the values selected by the user to pass in to the data source. Great. It also dynamically creates […]