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How I Use the Microsoft Business Applications Release Notes For Power BI Roadmap

5 April, 2019 (18:24) | Power BI | By: Mark V

Microsoft has been publishing and maintaining Release Notes documents to share our plans for Dynamics 365 and the Power Platform (Power BI, Power Apps, Microsoft Flow, and the Common Data Service for Apps). You can find them here: This set of documentation is grouped to align with the semester system upon which development of […]

Introduction to R Scripts in Power BI Desktop

20 December, 2017 (10:20) | Power BI, Power BI Desktop, R | By: Mark V

Since I started learning R, I wanted to play a bit with the use of R scripts in Power BI Desktop. Note that my R skills are very basic, so please don’t use this post as an example of top-notch R. At this time, there are three places in Power BI Desktop where you can […]

Power BI Customer Advisory Team – Senior Program Manager

13 December, 2017 (09:57) | Power BI | By: Mark V

I am beyond ecstatic to announce that, as of January 1st, I will be moving to a new role as a Senior Program Manager on the Power BI Customer Advisory Team. This is a total dream job for me. I have been a huge fan of Power BI ever since it launched. And while I […]

Pig Data Analytics: Enhancing Power BI Q & A Using Synonyms

17 February, 2017 (10:00) | Power BI | By: Mark V

First things first: DISCLAIMER: No animals were harmed during the creation of this post. Background Power BI has long supported the ability to to use natural language queries against your data, a feature known as Q & A. You can read more about it here. There are steps you can take in building your data […]

Cross Filtering Versus Slicers In Power BI

15 October, 2015 (12:58) | Power BI | By: Mark V

This post is inspired by a question on the Power BI Community site: PBI Graph Scaling. The question relates to the behavior of scaling of graphs when using Cross Filtering in a Report. It seems, as Seth Bauer (Eno1978) pointed out, that they may want to use a Slicer instead. I figured an analysis of […]

Current Power BI Service Limits

23 September, 2015 (11:04) | Power BI | By: Mark V

Not long ago, Microsoft announced that the limits for Datasets and Reports per Dataset had been increased to 200. You can read their announcement here. That raised some additional questions for me. I asked Microsoft and have now gotten the answers I sought. Please note that these answers are valid as of September 23, 2015, […]

Power BI Weekly Update: Oh, The Places You’ll Go

16 September, 2015 (19:14) | Power BI | By: Mark V

Microsoft has released this week’s update to the service. You can find the details here. There are a few updates this week, but I want to focus on just one. How many times have I added a Dataset and created a Report only to discover I did so in the context of the wrong […]

Power BI Weekly Update–Drill, Baby, Drill

8 September, 2015 (22:06) | Power BI | By: Mark V

In this week’s update to the Power BI service, Microsoft added the ability to drill down into hierarchies. You can read the announcement here. There are some other cool additions as well. I thought I would take Drill for a spin and share my thoughts. How to Use Drill In my Free Power BI account […]

Power BI and The Open Bar

3 September, 2015 (15:53) | Power BI | By: Mark V

Back in July, the mighty Adam Saxton (Blog|Twitter) blogged about there being a limit of 10 reports per Dataset in Power BI. On your attempt to create your 11th report, you would get an error. Adam did point out, though, that you could have many pages within a report. That helped. That post from Adam […]

My Full-Day Power BI Pre-Con for SQL Saturday 453 (Minnesota)

27 July, 2015 (12:00) | Power BI, Pre-Cons, Presentations, SQLSaturday | By: Mark V

Greetings, friends! I am delighted to announce that I will be providing a full day pre-con on Power BI as part of SQL Saturday #453 in Minnesota in October. Woohoo! As you might guess, I am really excited about Power BI. Been there, done that, got the t-shirt. It’s the old branding, but that’s fine […]