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Power BI Weekly Update: Oh, The Places You’ll Go

Microsoft has released this week’s update to the PowerBI.com service. You can find the details here. There are a few updates this week, but I want to focus on just one.

How many times have I added a Dataset and created a Report only to discover I did so in the context of the wrong dashboard? OMG so many times. I am a slow learner, apparently. Well, it no longer matters.

As of TODAY, when pinning a visualization to a Dashboard in the Power BI service (PowerBI.com), you get to select which Dashboard to pin it to. What??? I know! So cool. Not only that, but you can ALSO choose to create NEW dashboard during this process instead of pinning to an existing one.

I have broken this post into two sections. The first section will be a straightforward blog post on this new feature of Power BI. The second section will cover this feature again, this time via poetry as I channel my own inner Dr. Seuss.


When you are choosing to pin a visualization (either in a report OR already on a dashboard) in the Power BI service, you now have some choices to make. Until today, those choices were made for you. Figure 1 shows a shiny new visualization I created against my Chocolate Sales dataset in a Report.

Figure 1


The Pin button is located in the upper-right, as shown by the red arrow in Figure 1. Yesterday, clicking that pinned that visualization to the last dashboard you visited. For me, that was often NOT the right one. And, since there was no way to change this after the fact, I had to delete that visualization (and sometimes entire Reports) and start again after going to the right dashboard, even just for a moment. Gr.

NOW, clicking that Pin button brings up the dialog shown in Figure 2

Figure 2


Bam! The dropdown list shown by the red arrow in Figure 2 contains the list of all my dashboards so I can select which one to pin my fabulous visualization to. OR, I can choose New Dashboard and have this be the first visualization on that dashboard.

The post from Microsoft referenced at the beginning also includes the ability to choose whether to use the theme of the dashboard or keep the formatting (colors) you have on the report. That option didn’t appear for me in this case. I’ll have to play with that a bit. For now, I wanted to focus on choosing the dashboard.

I am so very happy about this.

Dr. Seuss

Today is your day!
You have Power BI!
You’re off and away!

You have data to use.
And questions to ask.
You can do it yourself.
You’re up to the task.
You head to the cloud, with that login you know.
To Power BI; you even have Pro.

You have your dataset already there.
You click on Explore and take to the air!
You click a few clicks and a bar chart appears
With no help at all! Hey, Microsoft: Cheers!

Your dataviz done, you just have to share.
You click on the Pin, and pin it to… where?
It went to some dashboard. You’re not sure which one.
You hope it’s the right one… It isn’t… Son (of a…)

Has this happened to you? Or friends that you know?
It’s happened to me. It ends happy, though.
Do not despair. Do not get the blues.

Oh, the places you’ll go, now, when you pin your viz!
I hope I am clear on how awesome this is.

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