My PASS Summit Submissions

Alrighty then. For the first time in my career, I tossed up some submissions for the PASS Summit. Both are topics I have a passion for and I would absolutely LOVE that chance to present either one…or…dare I say…both? Well, here they are. Here’s looking at you, PASS.

Empowering Your Users With Report Models

Who really knows your data better: You or the marketing manager that spends a lot of time tracking sales from yesterday, last week, etc? How much quicker could that marketing manager get the information she needs if she could create her own reports? With the power of Report Models, she could do just that without having to write a single SQL statement. This presentation will discuss how to create, maintain and secure SSRS Report Models. It will also show some tips and tricks learned through real-world experience implementing and supporting report models for clients.

Where Do You Want To Go Tomorrow?

You dress differently for a wedding than you do for baseball game, right? …Right? Even with mundane, everyday tasks like getting dressed, your future destination has an impact on your current behavior. Whether you realize it or not, even the simple act of getting dressed in the morning involves a little planning. Doesn’t your professional future deserve some planning, too? This presentation will discuss the power of Professional Development Plans and the building of your very own brand through blogging, presenting and effective use of social media like Twitter. I will show you how you can use all of the above to take ownership of your future and turn your job into a career.

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