Announcing the #SSRSHelp Twitter Hashtag

I think it’s clear to anyone with half an eye open that the #SQLHelp hastag has been, and continues to be, a huge boon to the SQL community. It is a fantastic way to get assistance with SQL Server. If I were a DBA, it would be perfect for me.

I just returned from the PASS Summit in Seattle (my customary Top Ten List post is in the works). While there, I had the great pleasure to have lunch with MVP Stacia Misner (Blog | Twitter) and Erika Bakse (Blog | Twitter) at the Birds of a Feather lunch, an event designed to bring folks with similar SQL Server interests together for food, folks, and fun. We discussed how the #sqlhelp requests related to Reporting Services get lost in the volume of the more DBA related topics.

Well, let’s make this better. Let’s all start using the #SSRSHelp hashtag to mark requests for help on Reporting Services related topics. This will make it easier those of us seeking ways to help the community find people to help. It will also make it a much better experience for those seeking help.

We have several bastions of SSRS awesomeness on board who have already started monitoring #SSRSHelp:

MVP Stacia Misner (Blog | Twitter)
MVP Jessica Moss (Blog | Twitter)
Erika Bakse (Blog | Twitter)
Jes Schultz Borland (Blog | Twitter)
Doug Lane (who perhaps had the idea in the first place) (Blog | Twitter)
Angel Abundez (Blog | Twitter)
Chris Randall (Blog | Twitter)
Mark Vaillancourt (my very own self, whose blog you now read with rapt joy | Twitter)

Please feel free to join in and help spread the word. Also, even if you think you will not be able to help, I encourage you to follow anyway and learn from the questions and answers that will flow through the stream. I learn a lot myself that way.

Please keep in mind that the guidelines for #SSRSHelp usage should match that of #SQLHelp. Most important: it is for asking and answering questions about SQL Server Reporting Services. It is not for trying to sell products or trying to funnel folks to your blog or for trying to get others to pool their money with you in the hopes of helping that Nigerian prince who emailed you the other day.

Before I wrap up, I would like to give a quick preview of my PASS Summit Top Ten List:



This just in: Our first #SSRSHelp win is in the books. Smile

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