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Achievement Unlocked: Microsoft Employee

After almost 9 years of consulting around SQL Server and other Microsoft Data Platform technologies, I have joined Microsoft. Today was my first day as a Cloud Solution Architect – Data Platform. Basically, I will be helping Microsoft customers by designing data solutions using Azure (both pure cloud and hybrid). My role is in Minneapolis, so I won’t be moving. There will be a little bit of travel here and there as I have onsite meetings with customers.

I will need to learn a LOT more about Azure than I currently know. That is a large part of what made this opportunity so attractive. My content here will start having more of an Azure bent to it as I dig deeper into it. There will still be some Power BI here and there as well.

I am incredibly excited about this new direction. Microsoft has really been doing such exciting work and I am proud that I will get to be a part of it.

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  1. Congratulations Mark…

    There is akways somethjng new to learn and we Will be educating parallelly with you from your posts…

    Keep going..


  2. Holy cow!
    Congrats. Works great for me, personally, since my company might be needing expertise in that area!
    Congrats, Mark. 🙂